Zen Den, Yoga Nidra Thurs 6.15pm

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Learn to manage the mind.

Pranayama (Breathwork) and guided laying down, systematic and scientific meditation,

Yoga Nidra in its purest form. The Physic sleep of Yogi’s, where the body rests but the awareness remains present, anchored into the sound of the expert instruction.

Centre the mind, restore the body and delve deeper. Melt down from the surface where fears, stresses, anxieties and worries reside. Go beyond, dive into the infinite ocean of the established, essential self that is within. Discover pure magic, where all the answers and ancient knowledge resides. Learn practises to combat stress and anxiety, lower the heart rate, and blood pressure, balance the nervous systems and brain. Ease insomnia, pain and suffering. Clarify your aspirations, revive, relax come home to inner peace.

Emerge as the absolute best expression of yourself.

Just 20 minutes is equivalent of 4 hours of cell rejuvenating sleep

*Please surrender and silence all devices, and ensure there are no interruptions for this session.

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